For your lifestyle

In the most authentic tradition of craftsmanship, we produce leather goods for a demanding public who, in the exaltation of functional characteristics, loves to rediscover with pleasure the uniqueness of Italian “handmade”.

The selection of raw materials is the starting point for obtaining the high level of quality required.

The used leather, coming from selected animals, has a flower side of excellent quality.

The tanning and fattening are performed with the mastery dictated by the experience of almost a century of Tuscan tanneries; the finishing is done by hand to give that characteristic handcrafted effect of vegetable tanned leather.

The careful and scrupulous processing leaves nothing to chance.

Tools made by hand by great masters of the forge, now unobtainable, used by skilled hands, see the creation of unique pieces from an always new idea.

The knowledge of materials and workmanship, together with the ability to create models, make our art unique in its kind.

Gianni Berardi